Beer & Cider

A great selection of beers made down the road from our winery in West Wales as well as the extremely popular Gwynt Y Ddraig Cider.

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Autumn Magic

Size-50cl ABV-4%

Black Dragon

Size-50cl ABV-6.5%

Orchard Gold

Size-50cl ABV-4.9%

Perry Vale

Size-50cl ABV-4.5% Pear Cider

Cardi Bay Best Bitter

Size-50cl ABV-3.8%

Chocolate Stout

Penlon Brewery bottle conditiooned Chocolate Stout real Ale 50cl

Heather Honey Golden Ale

Size-50cl ABV-4.2%

Ramnesia Strong Ale

Size-50cl ABV-5.6%

Stock Ram Stout

Penlon Stock Ram Stout all grain beer 50cl