The Team

Meet the Shipp family

Neal Shipp founded Celtic Country Wines in 1985. Now as a family run company there are lots of helpers and to help you understand each and everyone, Darren (middle son) has written some words about everyone;


Name: Richard Shipp

Company Role: Just about managing director, Winemaker, sales and promotion

Usually Found: Watching other people work, enforcing elf and safety, buying things on eBay

Skills: Delegating, cowboy DIY repairs


Name: Jenny Shipp

Company Role: Accounts & administration 

Usually Found: Glued to a computer screen, scolding Darren for not doing paper work properly

Skills: Typing at the speed of light!


Name: Kellie Brown

Company Role: Sales and Promotion, Trade and Wholesale

Usually Found: Wrapped up in 20 layers of clothing under a heater and still cold

Skills: Talking!!!


Name: Darren Shipp (myself)

Company Role: Head preserve maker, assistant wine maker, dabbling in sales and promotion

Usually Found: Gaining new burns from the hot pans, boring people with useless facts

Skills: Foodie, writer of words


Name: Neal Shipp aka "The Godfather"

Company Role: Semi-Retired, advice and guidance

Usually Found: On the road, sent to the furthest event from home!

Skills: ummmm?!?


Name: June Shipp 

Company Role: Events coordinator, packer of parcels

Usually Found: In a state of worry, failing to use a computer

Skills: Keeping the peace


Name: Little Emma Shipp

Company Role: The Boss

Usually Found: Being a nuisance, making lots of noise, driving the lawn mower

Skills: Making butter melt, bossing people around


Name: Baby Chloe Shipp

Company Role: Cleaner & happy helper

Usually Found: with her head in everyone's lunch boxes 

Skills: can eat her own body weight within seconds


Name: Lyndon Robinson

Company Role: Handy man, production assistant

Usually Found: day dreaming and waiting on Richards command

Skills: highspeed gift box maker 



Not forgetting the one who will always greet you at the gate - Sukki! She has alot to say but absolutely loves being made a fuss of.