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Old Grumpy range of products from Celtic Country WinesWelcome to Celtic Country Wines, the leading producers of Fruit wines and Liqueurs in Wales. You can use this site to browse all of our products whether it be Wines, Liqueurs, Preserves or our selection of gift sets. Why not buy now using our secure online shop? The latest online technology making it easy to use and the items delivered straight to your door.

Explore our map to find out which events we are exhibiting at, as well as where the nearest outlet selling our products is to you. Want to know more about the company please visit our “about us” page with details of our journey from humble beginnings, to our international status as award winning producers.

The Story Behind Celteg

As part of our 25th anniversary re-brand we have put all our products under one name “Celteg”, so named after the famous Celts who ruled over Wales for many years. The Celts are known to have arrived in Wales over 2000 years ago, a proud warrior people who’s bravery, ferocity and spirit caused even the mighty Romans to fear the cursed Island in which the Celts made their home. They were people of the land, hunting and foraging for food as well as being deeply religious under their druidic priests.

The Celts also loved to gather together for large feasts, swapping war stories whilst drinking various drinks such as fruit wine and mead. Large cauldrons would be filled with home brewed alcohol and shared out amongst the rowdy guests holding their bone cups. What else but this proud “Celtic tradition”, or should I say “Celteg tradition”, could be more fitting for our products.